Find a Variety of Filterqueen Vacuums

Brown Queen

Fully rebuilt, these units come with all tools, hose and powerhead. These units come with a 1-year guarantee. FilterQueens have always been one of the best machines out there; here is your chance to own one for a fraction of the new cost!


Great value in this model! Comes with 2-year guarantee and all the tools, hose and powerhead to get your home clean, all the while saving you thousands off the new price of the machine!

Red Triple Crown

This unit comes with a 2-year guarantee, and it has all the tools, hose and powerhead as well. Maintained properly, this machine should last another 20 or more years!

Green Triple Crown

This unit has all the tools, the powerhead and hose. It comes with a 2-year guarantee and makes housework a breeze!

Blue Triple Crown

This is the current model being sold door to door for well over $2000! Get it here for a fraction of that! The machine comes with all tools, hose and powerhead. The unit also comes with a 3-year guarantee.

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